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Hang On Tightly, Let Go Lightly

The Enlightened Optimist
I'm an enlightened optimist, an aspiring megalomaniac and a raconteuse - or so I like to think. Sometimes I refer to myself as an incipient bitch goddess awaiting apotheosis. Interpret that how you will.

I'm also an expatriate Brit, but it's been so long since I lived there that there's hardly any Britness left in me.

Learn far more about me at Rough Cut. Especially about the costuming monkey I have on my back.
007, 1960s fashion, 7th sea, absinthe, absolutely fabulous, aeon flux, anglophilia, anthony burgess, beautiful geekboys, beauty truth and love, bill hicks, blakes 7, bret easton ellis, brighton, british history, cats, champagne, charlotte bronte, chocolate, christopher eccleston, clive owen, comic books, corsetry, costume college, costuming, cthulhu, cymraeg, daleks, dangermouse, david lynch, david tennant, doctor who, douglas adams, dr who, dreaming, edward gorey, eighties music, emergency protocol 471, emily bronte, espionage, fabric, fan fiction, fashion, fashion history, fiction, film, fountain pens, frank herbert, gallifrey one, gaming, goth, harry potter, history, hunter s. thompson, ian fleming, imagination, jasper fforde, jellybaby?, jeremy irons, john kovalic, john woo, joss whedon, lao tzu, larp, latex, literature, london, luis bunuel, masochism, maya deren, men, michael moorcock, modern art, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, murder mysteries, music, myfanwy, nikola tesla, nostalgia, nyarlathotep, oceans, paul mcgann, pd james, pedro almodovar, pet shop boys, photography, polyamory, quantum physics, random things of rassilon, rasputina, renaissance faires, robert graves, roy lichenstein, rpgs, san francisco, sandbaggers, science fiction, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shiny things, slash fanfiction, stanley kubrick, stephen frears, steven moffat, syd field, taoism, tarot, tattoos, the goodies, the goon show, the matrix, thrift stores, torchwood, torturing ljer baronlaw, toys, vampires, victoriana, vintage fashion, vodka, warren ellis, welsh, wile e coyote, withnail and i, wobbly sets, world of darkness, writing, zagreus